What do Christian Projects do?

What Do Christian Projects Do?

Christian Projects (CP) funds Leadership Development for ministers and staff of Churches of Christ in Australia. It has strategically focused on the leadership issues associated with larger congregations.

CP had traditionally supported;


Every 2-3 years a group of 10-15 ministers are taken on a 14 day study tour to large and developing churches in the USA, mainly on the West Coast. Their travel and accommodation costs are covered by CP. The group studies a variety of churches from different traditions and a lot of time is spent “translating” what is seen and heard back in to the Australian culture.

Each participant is expected to bring members of his board to a report back weekend that is conducted 4-6 months after the tour. Other follow up functions are also organized to ensure that reflection and adaptation continues after the tour.

These tours have been lead by CP directors, Ted Keating and Graham Agnew.

The eighth L21 tour will be held in October 2011.

Some responses to L21:

L21 has increased my personal level of “courageous, risk leadership and that I feel confident to face what is next. My vision has increased because of this trip and also the need to communicate this vision has become clearer.

L21 would have to be one of the most significant leadership training opportunities conducted by Churches of Christ.


Again, 2-3 years, senior ministers and their teams are invited to a tour of larger churches in a capital city of Australia. They observe the leadership models and team dynamics of the various churches they visit and then spend time in their teams reflecting together on what they have seen and heard.

The purpose of team tour is team development. Accommodation and bus travel costs are met by CP.

Ted and Marge Keating host this tour. The next Team Tour is to be held in October 2010.

Some responses to Team Tour

The best opportunity for team encouragement that we are aware of 

The provision for excellent networking opportunities 

The platform for new beginnings, the genesis of new ideas


This is a two day Conference organized at the invitation of State Conferences of Churches of Christ. It is a 2 day seminar where the issues that prevent churches from moving from the 150-200 level of attendance are examined.

Some responses to Breakthrough

I have found this conference to be of excellent value. It is a fantastic opportunity to network with other peers that is far too rare.

I have been looking for something like this for some time to help me understand the dynamics of a growing church and how to manage myself and the church through changes at this level.

Breakthrough was fantastic


A subsidy for the 1st and last subjects of the Master of Arts (Leadership) course conducted by the Australian College of Ministries is provided by CP. This is available to ministers who have participated in L21.


CP has subsided youth ministers from Churches of Christ teams who attend conferences organized by Youth Vision Australia.


Ted Keating is available to mentor senior ministers and staff members. Ted has had extensive experience in larger congregations and brings some wisdom and experience to this role.

Churches or ministers pay an annual fee of $600 to Christian Projects and this covers the costs of a minimum of 4 sessions p.a. It could also involve extra visits to boards, planning sessions etc.

Ted has an understanding of the dynamics of larger congregations, and can assist ministers with team management, fund raising, conflict resolution, church governance and other issues that land on the plate of ministers in developing churches.

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